PROBAIXA SA is located in Mação, in Beira Baixa, land known for the quality of its ham and considered by many to be the capital of the country of this product. Its factory has an area of ​​more than 6500 m2, thus being one of the main units in the country, having been built under hard work and dedication, and many years' experience with a rigorous selection of raw materials, supported by a team of professionals who, the highest technology, obtains top quality products for the national and international market.


Probaixa is a company that was founded in 1990. This company arises from the initiative of eight entrepreneurs whose vision was to bring to Portuguese consumers the best of Beirão ham.


In 2015 the company was acquired by the company ARMANDO GONÇALVES & FILHOS SA, which is who manages the company until today.


Currently, Probaixa's main activity is the transformation of pork meat and the transformation of dairy products. The production of its articles is carried out according to the most stringent hygiene and manufacturing standards, with Probaixa being a factory certified by the major authorities in the area with the IFS Food Standard (International Featured Standards) certificate, without forgetting the know-how of traditional product recipes. , so as not to lose the taste of the traditional Beirão Ham.



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